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The Customer Is Always Right

We at Card Dents & Hail Repairs strive to be the best Car Dent Repair Shop in the Sunshine Coast region, and consider our customers to be our best and most honest critics. We’re always listening to what our clients have to say so that we can update the products we carry and improve our service. Here’s what they think about doing business with us.

Thansk Mitchel and friend, awesome job on my Lancer, very professional work, you leave me happy and I will certainly highly recommend you in the future.  Cheers, Mike

Mike Warren

Thanks Mitch and team at Car Dent's and Hail Repairs.  Nobody would ever have thought my car would be looking so smooth again!

Grant Morris

What is this voodoo you've performed to on my car?  Absolutely amazing job, thank you so much.

Riley Jones

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